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Terms and Conditions


Homecoming Scotland 2009

Dinner bookings
Dinners at hotels or restaurants can be pre-booked for a booking fee of $12.00 per hotel per room (a room is based on 1 or 2 pax).

For bookings involving B&B accommodation different payment and cancellation terms may apply, as these properties often demand stricter regulations and deposit payments at time of booking. Additionally some hotels may have terms stricter than the general cancellation terms listed below. We will aim to advise you of any different terms as early as possible.

Amendment policy
Single hotel bookings - From time of booking – once the booking has been reconfirmed by Scots-American Travel Advisors – any amendment, including name change will be charged with a $25.00 administration fee.

Fly drives & Tailor made bookings, Packages & other services
From time of booking – once the booking has been reconfirmed by Scots-American Travel Advisors – any amendment including name change, cancellation of any part of the booking will be charged with a $35.00 administration fee per amendment.

Cancellation policy
- applying to cancellation of the entire booking.
Single hotel bookings
30 days to 72 hours prior to arrival: administration fee $35.00
48hr – 0hr: 100% of first night, unless otherwise advised in our Hotel Portfolio or at time of booking.

Fly drives & Tailor made bookings, Packages & other services
Once confirmed, a fly drive cancellation accrues an administration fee of $50.00 if made more then 30 days before arrival.

30 - 15 days : 10%
14 – 8 days : 25%
7days - 48hr: 50%
48hr – 0 hr: 100%

Bookings made with Scots-American Travel Advisors will be subject to cancellation policies as outlined at time of booking in our terms and conditions.

Payment is due in full and should be received by Scots-American Travel Advisors as detailed by the invoice sent, unless advised otherwise. Should payment not be received without good reason by the date specified on the individual invoice, we reserve the right to cancel all arrangements held for the client.

Hotel out booking
Scots-American Travel Advisors makes every effort to accommodate the guests in the confirmed accommodation. If for any reason beyond our control the accommodation is no longer available we reserve the right to provide alternative accommodation in a hotel of the same or higher standard.

Force Majeure
Neither Scots-American Travel Advisors nor its suppliers can be held responsible should any bookings be cancelled or amended due to circumstances out-with our control.

For any complaints, we would like to have the possibility to improve the client’s quality of stay rather then satisfy any disappointments after the return home. Should you be dissatisfied with any of our arrangements, you should contact our office as soon as possible – while still in Scotland. Hotels and other suppliers are more likely to cooperate and achieve compensation if the problem is reported during the stay.
We can not accept liability for any complaint which is not reported during the stay or within 30 days of departure.

Specific GROUP TRAVEL TERMS can be received on request.



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